The Thrifty Peanut

Books and DVD’s for only $3.99?

Wow! That’s all I could say upon arrival at the Thrifty Peanut used bookstore mega-warehouse/media store/home-schooling/college textbook store.

The proprietors, Jason & Jeannie started out selling books/media out of their home, eventually shipping approximately 700 items per week! In the end, the business grew to the point where they needed a storefront to house the over 100,000 used books, 1000+Music CD’s, 15,000 DVD’s, video games, audio books, children’s books, home-schooling supplies and college text books. They even carry hard-to-find Atari and Nintendo games and consoles along with Xbox, Play Station and Mac +PC computer games.

If you’re thinking this is just another ½ off the retail price bookstore, think again. With books and DVD’s starting at $3.99, you’re in for a lengthy visit with a basket in hand.

But, of real notice, are the community projects that these two undertake.

Unbeknownst to me, our local libraries are not funded 100% by tax dollars.  What the Thrifty Peanut did was partner with around 25 non-profit and for-profit organizations to sell their excess inventory and generate the income that these businesses need to continue operating. In effect, the organizations drop off the surplus and the Thrifty Peanut does all marketing, sales, shipping and tracking. At the end of the month, each organization receives a check for 50% of the profits with the Thrifty Peanut eating the advertising costs. One such local partnership receives a yearly check totaling in the 5-figure income bracket…that’s net income.

The Thrifty Peanut has also recently acquired Betty’s Books on Shreveport-Barksdale Hwy. and will maintain the stock that Betty’s customers are used to. If you don’t find it there, place your request and they’ll ship it from the Bossier store for you.

How these two people pull off this monumental feat is beyond me.

For contact info, visit:



~ by Voltima on March 26, 2010.

One Response to “The Thrifty Peanut”

  1. Hello! This is Jason, owner of The Thrifty Peanut… I was doing some web searches and came across this old article. I had to come re-read this! we have come a LONG way since those days over on Shed Rd…
    If anyone does read this, come visit our NEW store at 2206 Benton Rd (same shopping center as Little Caesars pizza). We have over 4,000 SF and about 700,000 books & videos on the shelves!

    And, as always, Jeanne and I are ALWAYS involved in our community! We recently shipped 18,000 books overseas to our troops in Iraq & Afghanistan with the help of Soldier’s Angels, Mayor Lo Walker, and Sheriff Deen to name a few people involved…
    Come visit our overhauled website: to learn more about us and all the changes we are making!

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