Shreveport filmmakers wrap up Infamous Web Series

Shreveport filmmakers don’t play around; Infamous Web Series is one such case. With virtually no budget and a tiny crew, Infamous has still taken off and come into its own.

Co-creators Joey Barto and Greg Washington came up with the concept of an anti-hero, comic book-style web series, and then simply grabbed some generously loaned equipment from Fairfield Studios and started shooting.

Cast and crew are pretty much one in the same – everyone on the series wears multiple hats, serving both sides of the camera. The story? John (Greg Washington) wakes up with no memories of his past, in the apartment of neurotic loner Palmer (James Palmer), a stranger who quickly becomes nothing short of a sidekick. He soon discovers that he has extraordinary and frightening powers, as do the interesting, and often sinister, people surrounding him.

In the search for clues to his identity, he becomes unwittingly entangled in a scheme laid by the ominous Mendel Society, which seeks to force evolution’s hand and improve the human race through genetic means, no matter the cost.

Action-packed and full of twists, it’s hard to believe that this web series was built from nothing but the desire to work with talented friends and a great story that everyone on board has had a hand in creating.

Infamous is also excited to announce:

• Emmy winner Pruitt Taylor Vince will be guest starring in Episode 10, airing Monday, May 17th. “We are overjoyed to be working with his immense talent, no doubt cultivated over twenty-plus years of experience in the film industry.” This also makes us the only independent web series to feature an Emmy-winning actor.
• “We are now officially SAG signatory”.
• “We are pushing into the final couple of weeks of production for Season One”.

Check out Infamous Web Series online @
Infamous Web Series


~ by Voltima on May 28, 2010.

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