ITK Interviews Jason Pliler

ITK: First off Jason, about your art…how many boiled eggs can you fit into a 68 VW Bug? [no calculators]

Depends on the type of egg. If it were the egg of an ostrich I would guess around 200. If it were the human egg I would say around 200 Million.

ITK: If you had a child, would you consider naming them something like Starship Haagen Das or would you just stick with a simple John-John?

I think a fun name would be good. Maybe something along the lines of Radioactive Toy.

ITK: You’re running through the woods for your life. Behind you is a 6-foot black snake chasing you down. You see a tree. Do you hide behind it or roll over and play dead?

I would climb the tree wait for it get directly under men then jump down on it smash it with a club.

ITK: You’ve just won a fabulous wardrobe from the very famous Myrtle Breach Woman’s Collection. You can only pick one item so which will you choose? The full skirt caught into a triple pleat over the back to make you appear buxom / or /a sleek, simple, black nylon, classic Rada handbag? I know, tough choice.

I would go with the handbag. It’s a little more practical.

ITK: Which Barbra Streisand show tune best describes your life?

After doing a bit of research I would have to say I don’t really like Barbra Streisand. But I guess it would be Send in the Clowns.

ITK: You’re sleeping. There’s a knock at the door. Do you A) ignore it B) look out the peephole C) ask who it is or D) immediately shoot 42 rounds through the door in an attempt to get them to leave?

42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything.

View his art @ Jason Pliler


~ by Voltima on May 28, 2010.

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