CranoSacrial What?

The Flux of Life

Mary explained that she would be ‘listening through her hands’ to my body’s rhythm and possible barriers, in that she would be able to ‘read’ the story of my body and identify bottlenecked spots. The objective is to facilitate the ‘Breath of Life’ in order to increase the body’s self-healing properties. Makes sense to me. When I get stressed out, I send all that junk into my lower back anyway, which causes me intense pain.

This is then accomplished in a very non-invasive manner; I simply relax, fully clothed, on a fluffy mattress. I would describe it almost akin to getting a massage, except the concentration was on my cranium and lower spine.

We all have living tissues that subtly “breathe” with the Flux of Life – a wonder that induces a rhythm in the body.

The presence of these subtle tones in our bodies was first discovered by osteopath, Dr. William Sutherland over 100 years ago, at which time he had an epiphany of sorts while examining the intonations of cranial bones. Previous to this, all examinations of the human cranium had been performed on cadavers, which had been embalmed for quite some time.

Dr. Sutherland realized that the cranium was actually born to move and he successfully demonstrated this motion and also concluded that the movement of the sutures comprised the body’s life force, which he referred to as the ‘Breath of Life’.

With that said, the emphasis on massaging the fluid bordering the cranium has proven to be an effective method of alleviating patterns that either cause dis-ease or immobility. Since this movement of the alpha fluids starts in the cranium and flows to the spine, the manipulation of the aqueous substance releases old habit patterns held within.

If you find it hard to believe that habit patterns whether inherited or learned, can contribute to dis-ease, consider your own destructive behaviors that baffle you as to where they originated.

Mary Luckey is a Physical Therapist and a SarcoCranial Therapist. She can be contacted @ Mary Lucky Email


~ by Voltima on May 28, 2010.

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