Build a cool Habitat & they’ll come

Allow me to introduce CoHabitat: a calm, groovy 1800’s building that has been revamped with all the modern amenities that quickly add up when renting office space. Here we have a community workspace for the budding entrepreneur who lusts for colossal space, open workstations, local connections and the consummate environment in which to grow their business.

For past readers of In The Know, you’ll remember that our workspace was Storage Unit #1. Not that I’m unappreciative of the free storage unit to conduct some business out of, but it never felt…well, it was a storage unit. I had 4 walls with no windows. It was kind of depressing; it was as bad as attempting to work from home while doing the laundry.

Just being the coolest, hippest paper to ever hit Shreveport-Bossier isn’t enough. I still need contact with other folks of like-mind. I need to stay In The Know. Otherwise, you, dear reader, will be reading recipes, political commentaries, gardening tips and thumbing through my non-existent socialite page, month after month.

Enter CoHabitat: As of this writing, CoHabitat has been open a little over 2 months and they are already moving & shaking. I just love cool work environments, especially ones that don’t cost an arm-and-a-leg; one where I don’t have to pay another internet bill, buy more furniture- one in which other entrepreneurs are networking together, and mostly, where the Habitat is governed by it’s members. You mess it up, you clean it up or someone will mention it to you.

Have I mentioned how cool this place is? With 5000 square feet downstairs and something like 25-foot ceilings, stained concrete floors, aluminum workstations with a plug for every workstation, Wi-Fi on the spacious patio at the edge of Commerce St. downtown, free roasted coffee, lounge, networking events, a kitchen, meeting spaces, 24/7 building access…I didn’t even need the tour when I first entered.

In spite of the fact that I’m approaching receipt of my new, shiny AARP card, I’m still pretty mobile. All I have to do here is walk in with my Mac in my shoulder bag and my iPhone and go to work.

Let’s face it… most people in the age brackets of 21-55 want the same things. We don’t want the high overhead of ‘office space’ and the 4 walls locking us in. We operate differently. We think differently. Most importantly, we all want/need to help each other succeed. So that, in a nutshell, is what CoHabitat is…it’s a kinship of entrepreneurs who are determined to succeed with the support of each other. It’s a community that governs itself; it’s not an environment for retail stores.

Human contact will be great at this point, as my Research Staff Assistant, Gizmo, tends to sleep all day.

Excuse me…time for my fresh roasted coffee…on the patio

610 Commerce St • Shreveport • La • 318-759-7997


~ by Voltima on May 28, 2010.

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