An Encounter With My Senses

You have to start at the gate; it’s the only way in.
It’s a sanctuary in the middle of the city. That’s the only way I can describe entering The Little Shanty.

I’ve been to art galleries, granted, but I’ve never ‘experienced it’ in this fashion. I ‘felt it’ at The Little Shanty. I was transported back in time. I actually absorbed the feeling of the art interweaved throughout the perpetual indoor/outdoor museum on display.

Honestly, I thought I’d run in, look at some art hanging on the walls and leave. This place hit me right between the eyes just standing on the sidewalk and immersing myself in every minute detail that has not been overlooked. And that’s just the front of the gallery.

Entering the gate was another totally different affair. I encountered a cultural exhibition everywhere as I walked through. There’s just art & collectibles and history and detail everywhere you look. Don’t get me wrong, this is not Samford & Son with stuff lying around that you have to step over. This is the total masterpiece of Alania Currie from New Iberia; this woman did not leave one stone unturned. Her ability to display ordinary artifacts interwoven with art is an enriching experience and she turns it into such.

You have a choice upon entering the gallery/museum; you can transport yourself back in time or choose to stay where you are. As Buckwheat Zydeco rolled through the gallery speakers, I chose to go back in time. Unlike other galleries, I was never afraid to touch the art, the sawmill wheel, bottles, a painted skateboard or fight the urge to lie on the clapboard floors.

Louisiana hit me right between my eyes and I loved every moment of it because it’s not featured this way anywhere else in town.

For starters, check out their Gumbo Gala being hosted on June 26th and have some real gumbo from a New Iberian Chef. While you’re there, enjoy the encounter like I did. There will be unique vendors, Creole food, live music and too much to list here.

The Little Shanty • 7102 Line Ave. • Shreveport • 861-3308


~ by Voltima on May 28, 2010.

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