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Rob Jenkins
The Magic Man

“To make it today, you have to be different and set yourself apart. That’s what I’ve done.”

Interesting how events can change our lives. While working as a framer, Rob saw a guy at a hotel float a dollar bill and questioned him about how to learn magic. From there…well, the rest is his story.

Shortly thereafter, he was waiting tables at an upscale Greek restaurant in Houston. For his customers, he would perform magic at tableside in the evening. Eventually, the other waiters complained (from lack of tips) and the owner made Rob a deal. Quit waiting tables and ONLY perform magic every night but for everyone’s table. That was the opportunity that propelled his craft. That was 14 years ago.

Since that fateful day, Rob has since performed at The Riviera, The Tropicana, The Palace Station and The Venetian in Las Vegas. During this time frame, he also held a 2-year stint at Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant in Vegas, performing tableside.

Locally, Rob performs tableside weekly at Texas Roadhouse, Ernest’s Orleans and Cantina Laredo. He’s also done charity shows for Hal Sutton’s Children’s Foundation and performed at The Strand with Dave Coulier. On Tuesdays, you can bring the family to Texas Roadhouse where kids eat for free while being magically enthralled between 5:30 and 7:00.

Magic & Comedy: Together or Separate
Rob knows his place at a restaurant; he specializes in close-up magic. He knows when to be at your table and when to stay away. Whether you’re 6 or 65 years old, he’s got something just for you.

His Dream?
To tape a special at The Strand for Comedy Central and have his own show in Vegas.

“I first started out with kid’s shows… I did a show for an Indian family…have to take your shoes off…beautiful white shag carpet…there was fire in the show…I was using paper that instantly flashes up in a ball of flames….I make a napkin into a rose… I make the rose float, then light the end of the rose and pull a real rose out of the fire. The flash paper wasn’t dry [learning experience]…it dropped to the floor and ignited the beautiful white shag carpet…I spent the next hour cutting the burnt carpet to get paid.

Search for Rob Jenkins on YouTube.com and visit his website for current schedules at Rob Jenkins Magic
Rob’s book: ‘How To Do Magic and Amaze Your Friends’ is currently on Amazon.


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