• ITK Talks To: Grammy Award Winner Terrance Simien •

ITK talks to Grammy-Award Winner Terrance Simien
Mudbug Madness, May 29 • 9 till 11 pm

ITK: First off, will you explain Zydeco music for our readers and how it came to be?

TS: It’s the music of the French speaking Creoles of South Louisiana, some of the first families to settle the area. This music belongs to us: the Creoles and Louisiana. It’s a music genre that has evolved with each new generation of artists.

ITK: Did you ever think you’d be touring with the likes of Dr. John, Stevie Wonder, Robert Palmer, Los Lobos and Paul Simon?

TS: Not in my wildest dreams! Again, we never really know what the master plan is for our lives, but I learned so much from these great artists and I feel privileged to know them and call them friends.

ITK: Your music has been called eclectic, interweaving New Orleans funk-reggae-and Caribbean styles. How do you define your music?

TS: I listen to and I am inspired by a lot of different styles of music. I have traveled the world and been influenced by many cultures and indigenous music styles from the countries I’ve visited. So it’s only natural that the inspiration I get from other musicians, artists, songwriters, genres makes its way into my signature & eclectic style of zydeco music.

ITK: You and your band received a Grammy for ‘Best Zydeco or Cajun Album’ in 2007. What does it feel like getting a Grammy for a musical style that people love but generally has gone unnoticed?

TS: Of course I was deeply honored to receive a GRAMMY award, which is the industry’s highest honor because it is a peer award in which my recording was judged by other creative professionals. But what was even more meaningful was getting the new Best Zydeco or Cajun Music album category established after a 7-year effort.

ITK: Lastly, how is your book coming that’s written for students about Creole culture & Zydeco music?

TS: I can tell you that we will be providing information that has never been available to our students. We feel strongly that since our children are the future they need to be better informed about our rich Louisiana music history and Creole culture.

“Simien is a Zydeco Master; his voice yearning like Sam Cooke, he delivers soul worth of Stax greats and shows crossover class.” Rolling Stone


~ by Voltima on April 29, 2010.

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