• World’s Only Tattoo School • In Shreveport? •

This story starts in 1968 when Bill drove from Detroit to Canada to get a tattoo. In those days, there were only a hand full of tattoo artists in the country and the art was kept under lock and key. No one gave out information pertaining to equipment, the art of, etc. and you could forget about training. There really were no apprenticeships going on. But,…on with the trip.

Bill drives to Canada and gets a tattoo and questions the guy about getting started in the business, i.e. where to get equipment, what to do from here and all of that. He really got no answers because it was all under ground. This tattoo artist worked really hard to get there and he’s not sharing because he took a blood oath or something.

So, Bill goes back to Detroit, finds a manufacturer of tattoo equipment, teaches himself, learns on his friends and opens a tattoo shop in Detroit in 1969. If that doesn’t sound like much to you, you’ll have to transport yourself back to the era. Detroit in 1969 (like most other large metro areas) had no tattoo shops but had PLENTY of customers that were willing to stand in line all day. And, that’s what they did.

Business was so good that Bill only worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In the meantime, he established himself as one of the premier tattoo artists of his generation and those to follow.

While I’m most impressed with the school, the owner/creator is nothing to sneeze at either. First, this man just doesn’t teach the art of tattoo. He’s also a naturopathic Dr. of Medicine, Black Belt in Karate (REAL Defense) and a Chiropractor along with a number of other vocations. Dr. Pogue doesn’t just dream up ideas, you see, he turns them into reality. The World’s Only Tattoo School is the very first sanctioned tattoo school in the nation to teach the art of tattoo.

While I met April from Ohio in the class on Lake Street in Shreveport, she was far from a small group of few. She already had a job lined up in Ohio after she completed the intense course and became certified. In the meantime, she has a nice room [complete with bath/kitchen/cable/covered deck & other amenities] at the school and then goes back with her new found knowledge and starts a new career.

The World’s Only Tattoo School officially started out in Detroit as a series of seminars and then developed into an actual, scheduled training course allowing students to gain certification and eventually employment.


~ by Voltima on April 28, 2010.

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