•Strange Brew • The Ultimate Beer Pub

Featuring 120+ Beers including 90+ from all over the world. This is an impressive suite of hops not found anywhere else north of I-10.

First Impressions Are Lasting…

Chimay, Aiko, Skull Splitter and Delirium Tremens…definitely not a themed-bar.

I will say that I hit a lot of bars/clubs every month but it takes a real niche to fill the slot sometimes. There’s something about Strange Brew that I really like for various reasons.

First off, when I entered, my eyes immediately caught the glass beer cases brightly illuminated and lined in a neat row cast into the wall under the neon. The wood bar itself seemed especially polished in a vintage sort of way. I also couldn’t help but notice that Strange Brew didn’t smell like smoke. It smelled like a non-smoking bar in Louisiana-don’t know if those actually exist or not.

Out of the mix, I met the high school philosophy professor with his entourage checking out all the IPA brews, the long hair writer, the 20-something with 6 piercings in his face and the 30ish crowd that flowed through the front door.

With very comfortable seating for 100 people, you can always locate a secluded spot for two or more where there’s never any loud, blaring music that forces you to scream in order to communicate. You still hear the tunes but you’ve got a chance to actually relax and unwind.

Wednesdays seem to be a good mix of all people coming into bar for $1 drinks; that includes domestic beers, wine, mixed drinks and shots…all for a buck.

A padded menu rests at the bar showcasing 100+ beers in minute detail such as country brewed in, alcohol content and color, i.e., amber, black, golden or dark brown.

I tried the Aiko from Lithuania with an alcohol content of 9.5%. Yum. Tasty. Goodbye Bud Light Lime! Hello Strange Brew.


~ by Voltima on March 30, 2010.

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