Haunted Ark-La-Tex

Theodora & The Logan Mansion

Built in 1897 by beer & ice manufacturer Lafayette R. Logan,
The Logan Mansion is one of the finest remaining Queen Anne Victorian houses in the city. During the 1950’s, the mansion became a boarding home for teachers.

Also during this period, an 11-year old girl, Theodora, a neighborhood child, fell to her death from one of the attic windows. Theodora’s death has been confirmed by local historian, Eric Brock, through a local newspaper clipping dated May 1904. The paper lists the child’s death as a suicide. Hence, Theodora appears to be a predominant figure in the household till this day.

Proprietor Vicki LeBrun reports that:
There have been sightings from the Florentine, a onetime glamorous dinner/nightclub directly across the street when the mansion was uninhabited. From across the street, human figures were witnessed moving in the upstairs windows.

Last year, Vicki informed a couple in route that she might be running errands and if they didn’t see her car and to wait outside. The husband announced to his wife after arrival that Vicki was there upon seeing human figures walking in front of the upstairs windows-again, the same room that was Theodora’s playroom.

Painters recently working on the house asked Vicki if she had ghosts. They reported that their paint can lids were continuously being rearranged.

Vicki believes that Theodora is a precocious child who plays games. She has moved her address book out of the book’s drawer during holiday seasons only to return it a few days later to the same drawer.

Theodora is also likely to lock the screen door on the bottom floor when Vicki ventures outside, forcing her to return through the back door. She’s also been known to move an assistant’s cell phone from cabinet to cabinet throughout the home. As Vicki states, ‘Theodora takes things.’

The home has been investigated by a paranormal research team who concluded extremely heavy EMF readings in the 2nd floor play room where Theodora played weekly. Other various sightings have also been reported at The Logan Mansion.

725 Austen Place: Shreveport: 318-459-2285


~ by Voltima on March 26, 2010.

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