•REAL Defense 101 Intensive•

REAL Self-Defense 101 –
The Quick, Free Version

This is an intensive class. It’s also Free to the community!

I’ve never studied self-defense, even though I’d truly love to learn, for the simple fact that I don’t have the time/patience to trudge through a long and tedious weekly regimen in order to master the basic moves.

Self-Defense 101-for adults only-fits my bill perfectly. I can walk into this class with other women and men [no kids] and learn how to inflict a lethal blow to my attacker during the first session. I also don’t have to master the ‘flying butterfly swing kick’ beforehand. On my next session, I’m trained in the class on how to deliver that same lethal blow blindfolded.

I asked the instructor, Bill Pogue, about my chances of learning in a short span of time and he brought in his partner, Sharron, to demonstrate. I could relate, because she’s pushing 50, like me, and she delivered some very lethal blows that were simple enough for even me to learn quickly. You see, my thing is quickly-I don’t have the wherewithal to actually ‘study’…I just need to know how to react effectively if someone has a knife or gun to my back at my car door in a dark parking lot.

Oh, I’d love to swing-kick like my hero, Lara Croft, and be visually appealing for any onlookers to witness, but let’s face the facts….I’m 47 years old. If I have to go through all those ‘crouching tiger, hidden dragon’ moves I’m going to be pulling some kind of something totally out of whack in class. And again, there ends my class participation in martial arts.

With REAL Self Defense, I can learn quickly, regardless of my sex and age-I can deliver that lethal blow that can bring a grown man down in an instant. I can also accomplish it in a short span of time.

Let me be clear, this is not a class just for just older women; I don’t need to program myself to carry pepper spray daily and hope I can react quickly enough to remember how to poke out someone’s eyes with the two finger stab. I need to know how to take them out of commission in two moves. Period.

REAL Self Defense will be holding a one-time FREE class April 17th. This is NOT an introduction or an up-sell. This is the REAL deal. Call ahead to schedule yourself in the class and bring a friend. No children are allowed, as you will be mastering lethal moves, regardless of your age or sex. Dress comfortably. Call: 318-918-9671 to enroll.


~ by Voltima on March 26, 2010.

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