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It’s not such a cinch being a musician in Shreveport for the mere fact that…well; sometimes you don’t get paid for it.

I met Mr. Christopher one chilly afternoon at his digs and found him to be a complete realist in contrast considering he’s been a local solo artist for over 8 years. Previous to that, at 18, he played the circuit with a local band and self-produced his first album with spidermidgetbitchfrog. This clearly is a man with no illusions.

He now has a permanent studio located downtown to record others, be it music, spoken word, audio books or even your 15 year old playing his electric guitar. At only $20 an hour recording time, he’ll even consummate the entire package from recording to graphics and production on the client’s budget. “I have some happy clients”, he quickly let me know.

He’s now gravitating to production of his new album entitled ‘Less Is More’. “This one has a lot more instruments and collaborations with other musicians.” Mr. Christopher likes to mix genres and describes his music as eclectic rock. “The hardest thing in the world is playing onstage by yourself in front of a large audience. It’s very scary.”

This guy is a formidable caretaker of local music. “I believe that what happens in the now is usually not appreciated until later. It would be nice for future generations to be able to check out what was happening before their time.”

Still being a bit skeptical about sound quality, I asked to hear some of his recordings. On the way out the door, I was handed a Mr. Christopher recording, sealed and complete with his artwork. Looks and sounds like I just bought it at Best Buy.

Check out some Mr. Christopher tunes at:
Mr. Christopher


~ by Voltima on February 23, 2010.

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