• Arodasi • Not a greek restaurant •

My first thought upon driving to the Arodasi® Center was that the word was Greek. It turns out that Arodasi® is actually Isadora spelled backwards-kind of like Harpo Productions. In my conversation with Dorothy, proprietor of Arodasi, I found her to be a passionate, lifelong historian of Isadora Duncan.

The revitalized 1900’s mansion that is The Arodasi® Center emanates Arodasi the moment you enter; the original artwork, the window-box stage, the performance areas, the yoga center and the healing room.

One could incorrectly assume that The Arodasi® Center is strictly a performing arts center. Inherently, the center itself is a healing center with a concentration on Feldenkrais methods with Arodasi Yoga® all orchestrated by the Reiki Master herself.

With a background that includes performances with the Performing Arts Laboratory in San Diego, an Associate Artist with The Mary Ann Soto Ballet Company, 4-years of Feldenkrais training in San Diego and 13 years at Schumpert teaching Feldenkrais methods for pain management, Arodasi® exuberates a novel effervescence for healing and pure relaxation therapy.

Arodasi Yoga®, a registered trademark, is offered at the center and teaches people how to move naturally and bring their mind to the present.

The Feldenkrais method works with the nervous system to change the patterns causing disorganization. With Arodasi®, healing is letting go.

As a certified practitioner of Feldenkrais, Dorothy works with those having spinal fusions, fibromyalgia, fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and Osteoporosis. Everything is accomplished through movement.

In essence, Arodasi® in all forms is simply healing through gentle movement, finding your nature body and acquiring your natural rhythm.

Contact Arodasi® at: 318-834-0948


~ by Voltima on February 23, 2010.

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