• UFO Phenomena At Barksdale AFB •

Shiny, high-speed objects in the air:
Early UFO phenomena in Shreveport/Bossier

April 9, 1952-A C-46 crew from Barksdale AFB observes a disc-shaped, cream-colored object ahead of the aircraft. 15 minutes later another C-46 observed a similar object 5-6 miles north of Barksdale AFB.
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1952 – At 2:30 p.m. a USAF C-54 transport plane flying near Shreveport, Louisiana was buzzed by a disc-shaped UFO estimated to be 35 feet in diameter. Air Force jets were scrambled from Barksdale AFB and chased the UFO for 55 miles as it headed off to the north. (Sources: Project Blue Book Report #6; Project Grudge and Project Blue Book Special Reports 1-12, report dated April 30, 1952).
1953-02-27; Shreveport, LA
Feb. 27, 1953;Shreveport, Louisiana. 11:58 a.m. Witness:USAF airman/private pilot. Five yellow discs made circular turns, fluttered, three of them vanished, and the other two flew erratic square turns for a total of 4 minutes.

During the summer of 1947 a bizarre and inexplicable situation developed in North America.

Beginning in the latter part of June, people in widely separated areas from all walks of life began to report having seen shining, high-speed, strangely maneuvering objects in the sky. In most of these reports the objects were described as round or disc-shaped. For more than a week, sightings were made in continuously increasing numbers. On July 4th the reports rose sharply and spontaneously, and for five days there was scarcely any part of the United States that had not been visited by these strangely elusive aerial objects.

As most people familiar with the history of the UFO phenomenon are aware, the events of 1947 seemed to begin on June 24th, the date of the sighting made by Kenneth Arnold, while flying a plane over the Cascade Mountains of Washington. The date is partly justified, for it was the report made by this Boise, Idaho pilot and businessman, who sold fire-fighting equipment throughout the northwest, that opened the first chapter in the modern record of UFO activity.

The 1947 UFO wave is perhaps the most fascinating of any to examine because of its unique position at the very beginning of the contemporary period of UFO activity in this country. There were no attitudes about UFOs in June 1947. There were no preconceptions, no misconceptions, and no policies by either press or public or by any official agencies.

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  1. THANK YOU! I’ve been looking for evidence of ufos near barksdale!

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