• Juan Cabana’s Strange Art •

Celebrated and self-trained, Tampa Bay-based taxidermy artist Juan Cabana has been delighting and disturbing audiences with his strange, lifeless life forms since 2001. Mermaids are his special fascination, but he presents many variations on this theme.

Incorporating real fish skins, fins and teeth together with the remains of other assorted animals – including parts of baboons used for their humanlike hands and miniature skulls – the eerily life-like composite specimens Cabana creates convey a deep and lifelong interest in cryptozoology and mythology as well as science fiction.

For their part, the dark-humored rogue taxidermists reckon they’re doing no harm; hell, they’re animal lovers who take pride in only using road-kill and dead donations – thus adhering to a policy of recycling and reuse. When people use animal parts as the medium for bucking the trend in art, some are sure to take offense – even if their reasons are difficult to fathom.

The Art Of Juan Cabana


~ by Voltima on January 2, 2010.

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