• How To Snap A Camera Toss Picture •

Create abstract, light art with your digital camera.

Making abstract wallpaper and gorgeous slow-exposure shots doesn’t require a bunch of expensive design apps or lengthy photography lessons. Learn how to literally toss your camera to create abstract light art.

As you can guess, the technique involves throwing your camera in the air. When you combine a long exposure with interesting lighting—like strings of Christmas lights, candlelight, or lava-lamps—and the rotation of the camera in the air, you get some pretty cool camera effects.

You can still use the technique without heaving your camera in the air—but you won’t get lines and arcs quite as smooth. Read more about camera-toss techniques below.

1. The camera
One with manual controls works best. Start with a shutter speed between ½ and 1 second. If the image is too dark, lower the f-stop to increase the aperture. Too bright? Use a higher f-stop.
2. The subject
Target a few bulbs or candles at least 3 inches apart (any closer and the lights will bleed together) and position yourself about 3 feet away — enough distance to keep the lights in the frame.
3. The toss
It can take up to ½ second for the shutter to engage after you press the button. Time it so the shutter opens just as the camera launches. Altitude? Six inches or so should do the trick.
4. The spin
Experiment. End-over-end creates linear patterns. On-axis spins give you Spiro graphs. Feel free to go nuts; should your camera take a spill: position if over a pillow or blanket, etc.
5. The Shot
Send in your best shots to: sbintheknow@safe-mail.net for inclusion in our Camera Toss Section.


~ by Voltima on January 2, 2010.

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