• The Mighty Haag Show •

The Mighty Haag Show

Back in the early 1890’s , a young man in his late twenties whose ambition it was to become a circus man, was strolling along the Red River, near Shreveport, Louisiana. His attention was cast to a flat boat tied up at the shore. Right then and there, he conceived an idea. He managed to gather together a few performers consisting of a black-face comedian, a buck and wing dancer, and a juggler.

Now, his flat boat was all ready for the tour and was called “The Big Show.” Stopping at different sand bars and landings, the young showman put on his exhibition that he called “a circus.” One of the features was a prize with each drink of lemonade. From the Red River they went down the Bayou Teche, which emptied into the Atchafalaya river near Morgan City. Upon reaching this town the “Big Show” was unloaded and another idea was conceived.

That young fellow who started his career in this humble way was Ernest Haag, who later became one of the prominent circus owners of the white top world. From then on this ambitious showman bought more wagons and continued to add to his baggage stock. His circus now became known as the Mighty Haag Show. As time rolled on it grew to be one of the largest wagon shows of its day.

Ernest Haag was one of the most popular and widely respected circus owners of his time. Many circus folks who have come and gone received their schooling under the Haag banner. At one time winter quarters were in Lecompte, Louisiana, later more extensive quarters were established in Shreveport where the showman had a beautiful home, and was also director of that city’s largest bank, the Commercial National.


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  1. I have personal knowledge about The Migty Haag Show. My family worked
    in the circus and they wintered in Marianna, Florida where I was born and raised. My Mother’s Family was very active in the show.

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